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Contract manufacturing is a process in which a small business hires or gets into a contract with another company to produce its products. It is very useful for small businesses as it enables people to begin selling their products without obtaining the large amount of capital necessary to build and run a factory.

Contract manufacturing can be better understood with the following example

XYZ Company is facing criticism for its quality which was considered top-notch at the beginning. It decides to enter into a deal with Mahalaxmi Malt Extract, which is a reputed contract manufacturing firm to outsource its products temporarily to see whether its customers are now satisfied with the products.

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Name: Mahalaxmi Malt Products Private Limited
Address:Village Rehrana, District-Palwal
Phone No:+91-0-9991090166, +91-(1275)-298904
Zip Code: 121102
Email:pranav@mahalaxmimalt.com, info@barleymaltextractmahalaxmi.com


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